Rime of the ancient mariner part V

1) the mariner might be scared because he can hear roaring winds and he cannot feel his limbs or any part of his body.

2) the poet has set the scene for this part of the poem by making it seem as if the mariner could loose his life by the sleep mary queen sent from heaven into the mariners soul.

3) a storm at sea could be extremly dangerous because it can cause tornados , hurricanes and earthquakes which can harm animals , nature and the human race itself.



Rime of the ancient mariner IV

2b) in the 1st stanza I think it is the albatros that is speaking as it can feel the mariners neck and hands asvit I wobbling around its neck.

3a) the atmosphere is spooky because it describes a swarm if man eating snakes coming from the water after the boat.

Ten unusual words from rime of the ancient mariner IV

1) hoarfrost : A grayish-white crystalline deposit of frozen water vaIn agontr formed in clear still weather vegetation , fences , ect.

2) Self – same : Exactly the same.

3) Gusht : To flow quickly in large amount.

4) reared : raise itself up on its hind legs.

5) dropt : this is a river in Aquitaine , france.

6) Sultry : Hot or humid.

7) bemoking : treat with contempt (extreme dislike.)

1a) In this part of the poem the ancient mariner is all alone on the ship with all of his crew dead at his feet. His soul is In agony because he feels sad for all the people he so sadly killed. No god or saint took pitty on him and his agonising soul for what he has done. He looks across the rotting see and thats where all the dead men lay dead all across the deck. He believed for the sin he has done he would go to hell from the orphans curse.

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